Reading notes, week 43

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October 30: Paladin’s Strength by T. Kingfisher. Oh wow. Oh my. It’s a good thing it’s got an abstract cover because any figurative cover would be a spoiler. (Well, a gnole driving a mule-drawn wagon, perhaps.) It’s even more on the edge of horror than most of T. Kingfisher’s books, and I’m glad some people read ARCs of the third book before I get it in my hands so I know it’s not getting worse (I can bear this much; more would be over the edge).

October 25: After the Sandwiches by E.M. Epps. Last Atlantide book, alas (there’s one short story left). Starts with Lucien angsting about being Rosemary’s boyfriend because she doesn’t want to be his mistress. Strangely, neither Emma’s website nor Goodreads mentions the book, though I HAVE IT IN MY HANDS (or I’d think I’d dreamed that it existed). Search engines don’t find it either, however verbatim I’m searching. — Update: it seems to be Patreon-only, at least at the moment. (And now I realise I’ve given it an internet link in case people are looking for it, and oh my, that will disappoint them because it doesn’t actually say much about the book) Strangely, this is much slower to read than the other two, perhaps because it’s barely edited (honestly, it reads like fanfic, all the scenes Emma wanted to write but had no room for). But still, Atlantide!

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