Reading notes, week 43

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October 23: The Mysteries of St Jorian the Martyr by AZDesertRose. Novelette-length Deryni fanfic, proving yet again that Deryni fanfic is on average better than canon, just like Pern fanfic.

Tigger Holmes and the Case of the Midnight Slipper by Small_Hobbit. #22 in The Casebook of Tigger Holmes, which I’m subscribed to and that’s a good thing or I’d miss a lot of hilarious Winnie-the-Pooh fic.

Vanity Fair by Edonohana. Cute Pern fic.

Also some more Pern, some Narnia, and some Star Trek fanfic, of which this is the highlight: Matchmaker of Mars by Edonohana. John W. Campbell accidentally matchmakes T’Pring and Uhura.

Or perhaps this: On Wings of Song, also by Edonohana, in which Menolly becomes a dragonrider and Mirrim’s weyrmate.

October 25: Flotsam by Edonohana. Excellent Piranesi/Narnia crossover, which made me seek out other work by the same author but I didn’t read it until last.

Now reading can’t-disclose-yet Yuletide canon. (And more fanfic on the side.)

October 26: For Always and Always and Always by Katherine. A Just So Story about the Kitten who plays by herself.

Mabel of the Crater School by burglebezzlement. Spot-on canon voice. Highlight: “There is something about a good, hard morning’s labor shared together that leads to camaraderie.”

Settling, Without Dragons by Betony. Enchanted Forest fic in which King Mendanbar and his son get to know one another.

How Tigger Got His Bounce Back by automaticdoor. Cute Winnie-the-Pooh fic with good Kanga philosophy.

Three Places Kim Merrill Lived, & One Where She Lived Happily Ever After by Gray Cardinal. Wonderful slices-of-life.

October 27: Pondering the Stars by Isabeau. If Narnia was made for Talking Animals and mythical beings, why are four human children the rulers?

Poppies and Tea; or In Which Mary Poppins Makes Everything Better With No Magic Whatsoever, I don’t know what you are talking about at all, what magic? by phoenixflight. World War I comes to Cherry Tree Lane, and so does Mary Poppins. Excellent story with wonderful voice, but the writer could have done with a copy editor (is a green grocer a grocer who happens to be a Vulcan? Or who is very new to the job?).

Seven Sisters A-Swimming by Rosencrantz. Cat Chant as Chrestomanci! Mermaids! Caprona! Marianne all grown up (with a wonderful picture)!

Flower and Thorn by Morbane. Polly and Tom, oh my. “I always promised you a rose garden.”

The Weight of Glory by wei. Three times Reepicheep thought about stories. (Okayish, nothing special.)

The Life Everlasting by wei. Lucy meets Caspian and the Star’s Daughter again in the real Narnia. And they all live happily ever after, even Susan eventually.

O Come All Ye Faithful by wei. Healing of Peter’s mother-in-law from the POV of Peter’s wife!

Index of reading notes is here.

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