Reading notes, week 45

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November 13: On recommendation from a Twitter friend, On the Bias by Celia Lake (#6 of the Mysterious Charm series but they can be read in any order). It started so slowly that until about 30% I didn’t even know if I’d continue it (and I have much tolerance for slow!) but by 45% I couldn’t stop. Such wonderful people! Such nice matter-of-fact magic! Such a good slow-burn romance! Now I want to read #1 to #5 and #7 too.

November 11: No True Way, All-New Tales of Valdemar. Yes, they’re all new, to me at least! One is very dark, and another long and boring (Hawkbrothers don’t appeal to me) but most of the rest are a joy to read.

November 8: [redacted] because it’s canon review for Yuletide and I don’t know who reads my blog. Read 2 of 4 books, skimmed the third because only parts were relevant and the rest wasn’t what I wanted to read, thought I’d also skim irrelevant parts of the fourth — I know these books practically by heart anyway, just want to check that what I’m writing is in character for the (minor) characters — but got interested and read all of it.

Index of reading notes is here.

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