Reading notes, week 47

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November 27: Goblin Fruit by Celia Lake, #2 in the Mysterious Charm series. The protagonist is a supporting character in #6, and it’s nice to read her backstory! Spouse said to skip the sex scenes, but there were only two (and a half, one was in a dream) and I thought they were okayish (not wonderful, and they might have been better without the enhancing magic).

November 26: The Social Climb, first in the in olden days, a glimpse of stocking series by custardpringle. Lord Peter Wimsey (and more specifically Hilary and Jerry) fanfic. #2 is the novel-length A Jolly Kind of Detective Game which I put back on the virtual reread pile. a foggy day in london town is #3, Let Me Walk in the Sun Once More is #4 and as birds of a feather should be is #5, all equally wonderful.

November 25: Plot Thickening by valderys. Harriet Vane meets Hilary Thorpe at Oxford and they talk about writing, exactly like a prompt of mine a year later!

The Distant Hum of Engines, yet another Jerry/Hilary fixit, which I might have appreciated more if I hadn’t read it after that wonderful series but it’s quite okay by itself.

A Fine Romance by hhertzof. And Grey Spires by ma_gavte_la_nata. More Jerry and Hilary wheee!

Encounter with St George by rabidsamfan. Drabble, either fix-it (Jerry doesn’t get killed in the War) or bittersweet (Jerry is about to get killed in the War).

To All The World Must Die by harborshore. Kit Marlowe in the 20th century, with Peter and Harriet and Viscount St. George.

Oaks in the Coppice. Jerry implied killed-in-the-near-future. Bittersweet and wonderful.

November 24: They Came to Baghdad by Agatha Christie. I like this because it’s so over the top unbelievable! (And frankly I thought Edward, not Richard, would turn out to be the spy-of-our-side, but I’m probably thinking of another Agatha Christie book with spy elements.)

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