Reading notes, week 47

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November 21: Neither Have I Wings by Alice Degan. A very slow read for some reason this time. Definitely not the last time because I still can’t get my brain around the late-middle where people (including Hal) aren’t sure whether Hal is an angel or a devil. It’s never actually confirmed that he’s an angel, but all the signs point to him being one.

November 23: Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree. Oh wow! It’s just like those scenes from our roleplaying games where the PCs go shopping because they’ve just bought a house! It’s a D&D world but a real world regardless! Recommending so much!

November 26: Choices by Mercedes Lackey et al. Liked it better than the first time around (April 2020) but that might be because I’ve been reading much more fanfic since then, and I’ve got used to different ways to treat canon. Still not enamored of Hawkbrothers, though, and still not a fan of disjointed some-foresight-and-some-real-happenings stories with an ambiguous ending.

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