Reading notes, week 47

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November 17-21: Assorted fanfic to clear out my Marked For Later list. It turned out that I’d already read most of that and even bookmarked it but it was nice to revisit.

November 17: The Cloak of Night and Daggers by Rosemary Edghill. #2 didn’t end, so now had to read #3, and that didn’t end either, becoming more and more convoluted until it did so. But at least nobody died. Yet, perhaps.

November 16: The Cup of Morning Shadows by Rosemary Edghill. It’s got at least one likeable character from #1, but now there’s a man being men-know-best-anyway annoying at her and alternate chapters have convoluted Elfland politics, so I don’t know how much of a chance I’m going to give it (currently skimming the politics chapters). And I wish she wouldn’t spell “elphen” and “Elphame”: almost cause for virtual-book-against-virtual-wall by itself. — Whee! This book has just got 100% more interesting. The most unlikeable character from #1 turns out to be the villain now. I was already wondering how the villain could know so much about the human world.

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