Reading notes, week 48

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November 29: Sword of Ice and Other Tales of Valdemar by Mercedes Lackey and many others. As I said before, a very mixed bag but I think I’ve become more accustomed to fanfic in two and a half years because I could appreciate almost all the stories. Still no patience for the military one, though.

Also, lots of ordinary not-under-canon-author’s-auspices fanfic, because I’m reading a book I find hard to finish (but want to finish, if only to say things about it; it’s not actually bad but it has Issues). Some highlights:

Best Copper by Blurble. One word: Ea-Nasir. (Perhaps that’s two words.) Some of the text is almost literally taken from the article that made him famous.

Mae Owen yn hoffi pannas pinc (Owen likes pink parsnips) by Silky_Octopus. Yuletide 2021 story in the Duolingo Welsh Course fandom. It doesn’t end well for Owen (but somewhat better for the red dragon).

to translate a passion, to divide a sorrow by nnozomi. Another Yuletide 2021 story — goodness, didn’t I do a recommendations post? No, I didn’t (looked it up and I did promise but apparently didn’t get round to it). Anyway, this is Harriet Vane writing Shrewsbury College its very own murder mystery. Delightfully meta, and very Harriet.

In Every Life a Place of Peace by resolute. Yet another Yuletide 2021 story. Saint of Steel (White Rat) universe, a wonderful neurodivergent protagonist, an equally wonderful woman paladin, cameo appearance by Zale.

Index of reading notes is here.

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