Reading notes, week 48

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November 28: Evil Under the Sun by Agatha Christie. Goodness, an Agatha Christie I’d never read! Poirot’s grown on me or something. Slightly too much marriage woes and implied adultery and similar stuff for me but it was exciting, the ending was surprising (in a good way) and the people who deserved to be happy ended up happy.

November 27: Cat Among the Pigeons by Agatha Christie. Another comfort reread, Poirot with very little annoying!Poirot, and a smashing school story. Forgotten enough to be surprised by the ending.

November 26: Spock’s World by Diane Duane. Comfort reread (though it has lots of uncomfortable scenes: disaster and war and betrayal and the nasty kind of intrigue) because I needed the Spock I know.

November 24: Castle Hangnail by Ursula Vernon. Spouse was reading it and squeeing about it, and that made me want to read it again too. I’d forgotten some of the twists, and the (happy) ending!

November 22: Enterprise: The First Adventure by Vonda N. McIntyre. It seems to have a lot of one-star reviews, the most notable one saying “a bad book by a good writer, don’t read it”. It also has 4- and 5-star reviews. –No, it wasn’t a bad book (though I skipped most of the Klingon parts: wanton anger and aggression, even when done very well, don’t appeal to me) but what looked like a “people getting used to each other and learning to work together” story suddenly turned into a strange first-contact story, and I felt like I’ve been bait-and-switched. Then it all came together and I went “oh wow” though I may not want to reread it any time soon. (Added treat: Shakespeare almost in the original Klingon!)

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