Reading notes, week 49

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Non-Player Character by Veo (Victoria) Corva. When I first started I thought it had an overdose of representation– goodness, does everyone have to be trans or black or disabled or autistic or a combination of those or other abbreviations? For that reason it was a bit hard to get into the book, but I did want to carry on because I was interested in the story and the people. Once the Big Plotty Thing happens it’s a very exciting adventure about a band of misfits and everybody finding their fit. There’s understated sort-of-romance, and I like the way it’s done but the book would have probably been as enjoyable without it. Might write an actual blog post but then I have to reread, and my virtual TBR pile is side-eying me.

Baking Bad by Kim M. Watt, #1 of the Beaufort Scales Mystery series. (Whee! There are at least 7 of them, and one zero-numbered short story collection that my usual ebook dealer hasn’t got so it might have been a Patreon giveaway or something, I might email the author). It’s “a cozy mystery with dragons”, great fun, and I’ll keep the other 6 in mind if I want to read something new and undemanding. Someone dies, yes, but it’s not one of those “one murder leads to another” mysteries. And it passes the Bechdel Test with flying colours, even though most of the dragons happen to be male.

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