Reading notes, week 5

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Unexplored Territory by Celia Lake. Novelette set during On the Bias and I think I’ll have to read that again (also Goblin Fruit, which is next up on my TBR list anyway) to know who exactly those people are and why they do what they’re doing. But the magic and the social machinations are interesting enough.

And One Go Alone by Sage. Post-canon The Dark Is Rising fic, somewhat timeshifted AU to put it in the (our) very near future. Jane gets to be PM, and a kickass one at that! And happy endings for all, after some tribulation.

Magic at Lyme, or, The Midnight Company by emily_grant. Eleven-year-old Kate being very Kate, and Aunt Elizabeth (I love Aunt Elizabeth so much!) being very magical.

Outcrossing by Celia Lake (Mysterious Charm #1) Rereading the Mysterious Charm books but I didn’t know I had this one (good thing they can be read in any order). I love these people. Also I commend Celia Lake for making her sex scenes actually sexy, though I could very well do without any.

Witchcraft and Dragons by Blurble. How Morwen arrived at the Enchanted Forest. Lots of wonderful worldbuilding! And cats!

Five Places the Dav Wasn’t Supposed to Sleep by celebros. Goblin Emperor fic. Also lots of wonderful worldbuilding, found family, but sadly no cats.

Out of the Frying Pan by hidden_variable. Very effective Derkholm/Howl crossover. With cats, even invisible ones.

The Pinhoe Egg by Diana Wynne Jones. Long-overdue reread. It’s better than I remembered, and I already remembered it being really good. Cat and Marianne are so going to be an item (but that needs fanfic, DWJ can’t write it herself any more though she set it up perfectly).

Sixth Form at St. Clare’s by NaomiK. Better than Enid Blyton, with some real historical savvy.

Across the Universe by George Zebrowski & Pamela Sargent. Okayish Star Trek novel, in which Uhura, Spock and Sulu get to shine and some really good original characters appear.

(and some more random fanfic that I can’t be hedgehogged to track down, all rereads)

Index of reading notes is here.

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