Reading notes, week 50

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Currently reading: Complete with Shipwreck by E.M. Epps. Three or perhaps four pages of cast-of-characters in small type, which would be easier on paper for purposes of looking up, so I don’t look them up as often as would be wise with such a huge cast of characters. It’s slow going, long and intricate and sometimes overly long-winded (3 chapters of a heads-of-families meeting!) but well enough written that I’ll keep at it.

NBV21 – De vertaalmethode toegelicht by Matthijs de Jong and Cor Hoogerwerf. Very extensive and detailed notes for the newest Dutch ecumenical Bible translation. Exciting!

December 12: Light from Uncommon Stars by Ryka Aoki. Wow. It’s a long time ago that I read a new book –on paper, even!– in one go. (Spouse did the same thing a couple of days ago.) I don’t know what to say, but if/when I do I’ll probably write a whole blog post. Trans girl violin prodigy! Teacher in the pay of Hell! Space alien making donuts (and a stargate)! Friendship and love between women! Demon getting a kick in the unmentionables!

Index of reading notes is here.

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