Reading notes, week 51

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December 25: Yuletide is here so A LOT of fanfic. I’ll list the best ones next week (if I don’t get round to reading anything else than fanfic the whole week) or in a separate post.

December 22: Tim Daalder die zijn lach verkocht (my edition has the same cover, which I like better than the newer Dutch cover even though that one shows the protagonist as dark half-Italian, which he is, rather than a pale redhead). I don’t have it in German, but the translation is excellent. The Goodreads blurb is in German but most of the comments in English. Strangely, there doesn’t seem to be an English translation. Wikipedia tells me that there’s a sequel! But I can’t find that anywhere online.

December 21: Het Sleutelkruid by Paul Biegel. Childhood favourite, though I didn’t buy a copy of my own until I was 22 (got it from the library again and again when I was a child and a young teen). I had tears in my eyes at the end, and several times before the end. Read it to our children when they were in the single digits. It’s been translated into English as The King of the Copper Mountains; I saw a copy of the translation in the book market a couple of years ago and didn’t buy it because (a) it was somewhat above my budget and (b) when I looked up a favourite scene it was missing a key element. I think it was how King Mansolain got his name, but I don’t recall exactly; if any of my readers has actually got this book, would you please get in touch?

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