Reading notes, week 52

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Yuletide is here, SO MUCH FANFIC. I’ll make a rec post after author reveal so I won’t have to look up everything again (not that I won’t want to reread it, but perhaps not all at once).

December 30: Passage by bigsunglasses. Novelette-length Goblin Emperor fanfic, wonderful budding friendship between Idra Drazhar and Paru Tethimin.

December 29: Dust-Up at the Crater School by Chaz Brenchley. As pleasant a boarding school book as the first in the series but it’s got a lot more loose ends, as if the writer was writing it as a feuilleton (he was, afaik) and forgot what he was setting up. Even a largish mystery remains unsolved: what was Rowany so ashamed of that she didn’t want anyone to know? (select to see spoiler)

December 27: The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper. As one does this time of year. I’ve reread this almost every year since I got it in the mid-1970s (when I was in high school) and I’ve managed to read a slightly different book every time. This time around I noticed that Will doesn’t really have agency, whenever he tries to do a big thing of his own accord he gets it wrong! The things he does get right are small acts of human mercy, the boy Will superseding the Old One.

Index of reading notes is here.

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