Reading notes, week 52

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Yuletide is here (stories out on Christmas Day, author reveal on New Year’s Day) so I’ve been reading mostly fanfic, and I have a folder of bookmarks to write a recommendations post when I can list the authors as well. But there’s this!

Sixpenny Octavo by Annick Trent. Sweet, gentle F/F romance with mystery elements. Nothing really bad happens except people being in prison who don’t deserve it (but they get out) and people getting their just deserts who do deserve it (but not in a horrible way). Understated mostly-implied sex. HEA, or at least H-for-the-forseeable-future. Jealousies get resolved. Misunderstandings get cleared up. (It’s such a pity that this author’s other books are M/M because I’m not really interested, even though the teaser at the end of this book is yummy.)

Index of reading notes is here.

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