Reading notes, week 7

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February 21: Louise Petibouchon, part 2 (but in Dutch). I read Part 1 (3 stories) of this graphic novel about a young police inspector in (I think) 2019 and the second volume (2 stories) is just as good. Very French, great fun.

The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club by Dorothy L. Sayers. Read it in December in the great Lord Peter Wimsey reread but we saw the BBC adaptation and I wanted to read it again. On the whole I like the BBC adaptations, even those with Ian Carmichael (who is far too old for the role, and they’re without Harriet Vane) but this time we noticed that Ann Dorland was so miscast: too old, too fluffy, too nasty. The book Ann Dorland isn’t exactly nice but she’s strong and intelligent and has character.

February 19: Lucky Luke – Het beloofde land by Achdé and Pennac. Yes, it’s full of Jewish stereotype! But the writer must have had Jewish consultants for that because it never descends into antisemitism and stays a loving send-up. I laughed A LOT.

February 18: A whole bunch of fanfic that can’t disclose because I’ve got a story under embargo in that fandom. One was almost novel-length and I kept reading it expecting a specific thing that wasn’t in it though the summary promised it, grrr.

Index of reading notes is here.

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