Reading notes, week 7

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February 19: Grilled Cheese and Goblins: Adventures of a Supernatural Food Inspector by Nicole Kimberling. Collection of related novelettes and short stories. It’s actually #3 of a series but that doesn’t seem to matter. Tries very hard to be fantasy noir, but it’s too funny for that (fortunately). CW: explicit M/M sex scenes, which I’m not fond of, mention of institutional racism/speciesism, cannibalism as a plot point. Read it in July 2020 too.

February 18: Towards Zero by Agatha Christie. Last Superintendent Battle book, worse luck. It’s very convoluted and the ending throws a woman who tends to codependency into the arms of a man who tends to possessiveness –is this wise, Dame Agatha?– but Battle is very much at his best, clearly learning from earlier experiences. Not many nice people (mostly Thomas and Mary, who might end up together) but a satisfying villain. And this is the end of my Agatha Christie streak, I think.

February 16: Murder Is Easy by Agatha Christie. I had read it before but not recently and most of it was quite new again. Full of nice characters for a change! I do fear that some not-so-nice characters (the somewhat icky antique dealer and his friends who did arcane rituals at Midsummer) were coded gay, especially as both of the male friends were wearing purple.

February 14: Cards on the Table by Agatha Christie. I wish there had been more Superintendent Battle and less Hercule Poirot in it, but otherwise splendid.

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