Reading notes, week 9

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March 6: Neither Have I Wings by Alice Degan. I wanted to just skim it to see what exactly became of Kit and Elsa for the story, but got interested. Also I love Evvie, and it’s refreshing to read about her without having to wonder if the friendship between her and Charlie will threaten to turn to romance. (The romance lands where it belongs. Which is definitely not in Evvie’s ballpark. Thank you, author.)

February 3: Little Witch by Anna Elizabeth Bennett (ill. Helen Stone). Cute little book that I’ve had forever but don’t remember I ever read before.

February 2: From All False Doctrine by Alice Degan (because I’m doing Be The First; there’s literally no fanfic of it yet). See Week 40. Liked it even better the second time round.

Index of reading notes is here.

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