Reading notes, week 9

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March 4: Ask Miss Mott by E. Phillips Oppenheim. First read it in July 2020. Still good comfort reading. I especially like the Florence story.

All Seasons and their Change by tsukara. “Scenes from the first of the next fifty years for Janet and her earthly scholar.” Cute and thoughtful Janet/Thomas.

Adaptive Coloration: Four Identities that Susan Pevensie Never Had To Assume, and One She Might Have Chosen by cofax. A very good Problem-of-Susan story.

March 3: The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie. Her first! And I think I never read it before. It’s clear that she’s just starting out, all the characters are meh for the first 3/4 of the book (except the Jewish scientist, who is a stereotype). But it gets better, and Poirot even manages to be recognisably Poirot at the end.

March 1: Paladin’s Hope by T. Kingfisher. I’d love it — it’s as well written and witty as the other two Saint of Steel books — if more than half wasn’t M/M pining, romance, and sex. If they’d got married right away and then had the classic dungeon adventure I’d have enjoyed it so much more. (Perhaps my taste in romance is idiosyncratic, yes.) The gnoles are wonderful, though.

February 27: Harry Potter and the Lack of Lamb Sauce by imagitory. Novel-length fanfic that fixes a lot of what’s wrong with the wizarding world. It covers most of the events of Harry Potter #6 and almost all of #7 (from other people’s POV than canon), except that Gordon Ramsay is the Year 6 Potions master. Starts out very joyous with the MagicChef Junior competition, but just like in canon it goes downhill all the way. Even original characters we’ve come to know and love get hurt and some of them die. Happy ending for at least some of them, though, some of it canonical. And in this version of the wizarding world there’s at least one trans person! And a nonbinary person! And lots of gay people whose sexuality isn’t an Issue! And there are people in all Houses with uncertain morality, including Slytherin which also has some really good people!

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