Reading notes, week 9

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February 29: Gaudeamus Igitur, Maturae Dum Sumus, Lord Peter Wimsey fanfic (though he hardly figures in it: most of his role is taken by his nephew). This time I skipped all the explicit Jerry/Bunter parts and read only the sweet but somewhat fraught Miss Lydgate/Miss Climpson parts. Still, it’s a rehash of Gaudy Night as if someone’s cut out a lot of little bits from it and pasted them on a piece of paper. Very much a curate’s egg, and an underdone one at that.

Inquiry and Retrieval, a very good Young Wizards/Harry Potter crossover (though now I’m confused which of the two worlds they gated between is “our” world, if any).

Fire on the Mountain, a long (11 chapters) Pern/Young Wizards story that I wanted to finish to see things resolved (also some younger characters who came in later were really good) but I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it on the Kobo. I know where it is, after all. CW: a cat dies (but deliberately and willingly).

February 28: An Unwilling Heart (Young Wizards fanfic). It was marked as a crossover but it doesn’t seem to be a crossover with anything, at least not with anything I recognise (or is even mentioned explicitly). Anyway, wow. Carl Romeo and Tom Swale are the young wizards here (it’s one of the versions of how they meet).

February 27: These Are The Voyages, Young Wizards/Star Trek crossover fanfic. And more of the same though most isn’t very memorable (this one is, though: young Nyota Uhura finding her wings). I don’t usually read crossovers unless I know both fandoms well enough, but these qualify. Not that I can believe that the whole crew of the Enterprise consists of wizards, as some of the stories seem to imply.

February 27: Gaudy Night by Dorothy Sayers, umpteenth reread. There are more cringeworthy scenes than I remembered, not only the horrible but crucial-for-the-plot scene towards the end that (since its last reading) will always come with a memory of the station of Twello in slight rain in autumn, but also at least two discussions of women’s place and calling. Elegant HEA makes up for a lot.

February 26: A bunch of Goblin Emperor fanfic by the author of two of my favourite Goblin Emperor stories (Gifts Not Wasted and Oh, the Wind and Rain). I think those two, which I’ve already got on my ereader, are the best of that lot. Earrings is cute too.

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