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There’s much to be said about November, most of it not complimentary, but I did read a lot of mostly wonderful new books.

(link forthcoming for The Time Roads, but I think I must reread or at least re-skim it first)

One I’d been looking forward to since Heather Rose Jones first talked about it: Floodtide.

One I’d been looking forward to since I saw Naomi Kritzer moderate a panel at Worldcon in Dublin, or perhaps since I first learned she was writing a novel on the same premise as Cat Pictures Please: Catfishing on Catnet.

A couple more by Shira Glassman (I’ve now got all six of her books available from Gumroad). Still need to get hold of The Second Mango and A Harvest of Ripe Figs, to complete my Mangoverse collection. I love those people.

The Time Roads by Beth Bernobich because it came up in a conversation on Twitter.  Not what I expected from Beth Bernobich, but no regrets.

Most of The Harwood Spellbook by Stephanie Burgis. Enjoyable but I agree with Spouse that the Cecelia and Kate series is better.

One DNF: The Expensive Halo by Gordon Daviot, which is a pseudonym of Josephine Tey, which is itself a pseudonym. I found it on Gutenberg under the name of Josephine Tey so I wanted to read it, but when it switched from interesting people in a dysfunctional family to rich layabouts who suffered greatly from the Eight Deadly Words I didn’t feel called to try to read on. I’ve since read reviews that make it clear that there is a connection and it will end well, but I don’t have the patience. It’s very hard to make me say a book is boring but Josephine Tey Gordon Daviot has the questionable distinction of succeeding. Give me Inspector Grant any day. Or Miss Pym Disposes, which is difficult and sometimes painful to read but intriguing all the way.


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