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I’m currently rereading old favourites — I was about to say “childhood favourites” but what I’m reading now is the Dalemark Quartet which I only read two parts of as a child, and that in an atrocious Dutch translation that left whole scenes out when the translator didn’t understand what was happening.

I fully intend to blog about this, but I’m having a bad case of Holy Week at the moment (and may blog about that) so I can’t really be coherent about books.


  • Ilja de kleine ganzenridder by H. Wolffenbuttel-van Rooyen. Every search result is either a mention in a used-books catalogue or “does anyone know/have this book?”, not a single review.
  • Jason en het gulden vlies by Cor Bruijn. Ditto, except that it has an entry on LibraryThing but without any useful information.
  • The aforementioned Dalemark Quartet.

Next up: probably something by Tonke Dragt.

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