Christ is risen!

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Time: 3:27
Grand total: 17:57
Congregation: more than 100 at the procession, 62 at the final blessing
Crew: Altar: Fr T, Fr R, both hypodiakons, 22-year-old acolyte. Spouse (one of the hypodiakons) saw a boy who could have served but he was too busy to catch him. Choir: all the usual suspects, because we’d forbidden anyone who hadn’t been to practice to sing in the service. Occasional Bass was in his own parish, but we had Regular Bass as well as 4 sopranos and 2 altos. Choirmistress’ daughter called about an hour before the service that Choirmistress had incapacitatingly low blood sugar and would we please come early and get things started up, so we did.

The procession was slow because Hypodiakon S, who walks very slowly, was in front with the lantern; I had to keep the choir from wandering off ahead. When I came back to the church I said to Choirmistress (who had stayed inside because she was still shaky and very cold) “I’m as bossy as you!”

Little glitches, of course, like always, but no conflicts, no really bad accidents, fairly good singing and much joy. Went upstairs earlyish and sat around for about an hour listening to Easter music sung by a women’s choir (probably nuns), unwilling to go to bed, until Fr R came up and we had a final drink with him.


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