Christ is risen!

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Time: 3:15  Total: 3:15  Grand total: 17:45

Crew: Altar: Fr T, two adult acolytes, two boy acolytes. One was the boy who had been standing on the sidelines looking eager. I think he either volunteered or (more likely) got drafted.  Choir: SSSAATBB (which seems to be everybody at the moment, except the young soprano who begged off to stay in the church with her boyfriend). After the final blessing I turned around and said “You’re all fantastic!”

Spouse, who was in church for much longer than she thought she’d manage, thinks this was my masterpiece (as in: admitted to the guild). I’m still amazed how well it all went: it was bafflingly effortless. I’m also amazed that I dare do daring things like take the Kastorsky Cherubic Hymn twice as fast as usual (which is, in my opinion, its natural speed).

Strangeness: people mostly take heed of what I’m indicating EXCEPT when singing “Amen”. All the Amens were ragged. Emerita Choirmistress said at one instance “do what she’s signing!” but that didn’t help for the next one.


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