Matins and First Hour of Holy Saturday

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Time: 2:05 Grand total: 11:35
Congregation: about 20-25
Crew: Altar (though mostly behind and around the epitaph): Fr T and one hypodiakon. Auxiliary: Tertia as cross-bearer in the procession. Choir: SSSAATB, with Incipient Alto and Trainee Tenor singing what they could.

Nice quiet expectant service, full of glimpses of the Resurrection. Tomorrow it will be even more of that, “He is risen but we’re not allowed to say that yet.”

Choirmate sang the prophecy of the dry bones and I wasn’t sure she had the rest of the text too (prokeimenon, epistle, Alleluia with the sung verses) but it turned out that she did, so I didn’t have to either hand her the little black binder with all of the Holy Week readings in it or take over.

We hadn’t expected the First Hour! But Fr T has a new German service book and it’s in that, apparently. If we’d been warned Choirmistress wouldn’t have had to frantically search for a troparion and a kontakion while I was reading the psalms. I wanted to read “The Noble Joseph” as troparion because that’s what it is, and Choirmistress put something in front of me which started the same but continued differently. Fr T didn’t seem to mind (or perhaps didn’t even notice). A kontakion was easier: the thing I read in the sixth ode of the canon, because that’s where the kontakion of the day occurs.


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