Matins and First Hour of Holy Thursday

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Time: 1:40
Congregation: 1 man who was there all the time, 1 man who Choirmistress asked in the choir (he used to sing with us, then got things to do on Thursdays and Sundays that prevented him coming to practice or services often enough, but he’s very pious and has a beautiful tenor voice and Trainee Tenor wasn’t there).
Crew: Altar: Fr T on his own (we lost one priest to the Greek diocese and another is on sick leave; there’s not much to serve so no acolytes or hypodiakons) Choir: 5 women, from somewhere halfway the aforementioned tenor, an hour into the service Intermittent Bass appeared who had had train trouble.

A very nice and quiet service, even though Auxiliary Tenor has a very loud voice which he has trouble keeping down, but he did his best. Afterwards Choirmistress and I turned the church white and put the dedicated black cloths (one for the epitaphion, one for the cross, one for the base of the cross) in a safe place. At least we thought we’d put them in a safe place, but it turned out that the cloth for the base of the cross was still gracing a candle-holder table on Thursday morning so Choirmistress retrieved it while someone else was reading.


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