Matins and First Hour of Holy Thursday

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Time: 1:40
Congregation: total of 7, coming and going so there were 2-5 people at any time. Cutest: 1-year-old boy who is in church every Sunday but had never seen it in the dark before.
Crew: Altar: Fr T and Fr R; Matins isn’t even much work for one priest but Fr R did some of the prayers. Choir: started with 3 but we ended up with 5 women and a bass. We could even do the first and eighth tones in four parts (could have done some of the other tones in four parts, too, but with those it really makes a difference).

Getting used to it: we got the Holy Week responses wrong a couple of times, even right at the end. The First Hour always surprises me, and I never remember that it has a ‘hanging’ prokeimenon without a proper reading after it.

We really need a new dimmer for the chandelier; the bass has 2 lying around so he’ll bring one on Friday. I replaced a part of the old one because that was worn out, but the replacement is now wearing out too. Now occasionally the only way to turn the light on is to pull the knob right off, wiggle the red plastic thingy (the part I replaced), and push the protuberance that the knob usually sits on. Then if you push the knob back on, the light goes out, of course, so I usually leave it on the radiator under the switch and put it back after the service. Decidedly suboptimal. In this service it needed three people to turn the light on: Tertia, someone who has occasionally got it working with a clever twist but didn’t succeed this time, and me.


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