Matins of Holy Saturday

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Time: 1:50
Grand total: 11:40
Congregation: 25 or so, several children
Crew: Altar: Fr T, Fr R, Hypodiakon S. Hypodiakon S’ wife, who is a great organizer of processions, is home sick[1] so we forgot to take the cross in the procession (only realized when we were back and wondered why it was so quick). Choir: 3 sopranos, the one with the huge range occasionally singing the melody part, 1 alto (me), Regular Bass.

[1] Tertia just came upstairs and said that she was late because she’d cleaned up some spilt water, “after all I’m Boss Woman now”. Hypodiakon S’ wife is the actual Boss Woman, and her understudy wasn’t there because she’s the one-year-old’s mother and can’t attend all services, so it cascaded to Tertia. One thing Tertia doesn’t know is that the cross should be in the procession; I doubt if the understudy knows.

Somehow I got most of the readings. I was already scheduled to read the prophecy of the dry bones but the Six Psalms and the canon also fell to me. And I’d volunteered to read at Vespers, too, because Choirmistress still has a busted knee and can’t stand for long without pain.

When I wanted to turn the first page of the prophecy (written out to a Greek melody, so it’s four pages or so) it was stuck and I fumbled and dropped it. The woman next to me offered to hold my (tiny) candle after that, but I hate it when someone else holds my candle, the light is never exactly where I want it. But it actually went better after I’d picked up the paper!

And I LOVE PROCESSIONS. This was only a little procession, round one block, singing the Trisagion as for a funeral — we’re carrying the Epitaphios, after all.


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