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Just found an email in my wastebin (oops! forgot to whitelist the new instance of the choir mailing list) saying that whoever isn’t at choir practice tonight won’t be allowed to sing in the Easter service. Not that I was planning not to be at practice tonight! But I wonder how many people won’t turn up tonight regardless, and will think they’re entitled to sing in the Easter service regardless.

… and then it was 19:45 and I had to sprint downstairs and make coffee. Well, only six of us, the usual suspects: 1 bass, 1 tenor, 1 alto (me), 1 mezzo-soprano who can sing soprano or alto as needed, and 2 sopranos. The other alto is just out of hospital, another soprano is going to spend Easter in a convent so won’t be singing with us anyway, and the last soprano doesn’t sing in the choir much and never comes to any practice, so she’s out too.

If we sing like this in the Easter night, I’ll be satisfied. Either this isn’t the hard stuff (as Holy Thursday and Friday definitely are) or we know it so well that it seems easy. We only had to stop and recap a few times. Anybody is allowed to call for a recap, “can we do that bit again? I lost it” and all of us occasionally do.

I thought it would be hard to practise Easter in the depths of Lent, but the spirit came over me as soon as we burst into “Christ is risen from the dead”. Only two weeks and a bit to go!

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