Out of the mouth of babes

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Repost from 2004. Girl #1 is Girl from the post about St Katherine of Alexandria and vice versa. Girl #3 is that post’s Girl #3’s slightly older sister.

Little kids’ church school: three three-year-old girls.

Me: “Who is that on the icon?” (pointing to the Mother of God, on the right)

Girl #1: “Mary.”

Me: “Right! And the other one?

Girl : “That’s an angel.”

Me: “Yes; do you know what the angel is called?”

Girl puts up hand.

Me: “Yes?”

Girl : “I don’t know.”

Me: “It’s the Angel Gabriel. Do you know what he came to do?”

Girl #3 (who is otherwise very quiet, but when she talks, she talks): “He said to Mary you’re going to have a baby and call him Jesus and he’s going to be God when he grows up.”

Me: “Well, he was already God when he was born, but yes, it happened like that. Mary said: ‘How can I have a baby, I don’t even have a husband!’ ”

Girls: <giggle>

Me: “And the angel said, ‘God is the baby’s father,’ and Mary said, ‘If God wants me to do this, it’s all right with me.’ ”

Girl #1 (nodding gravely): “I know how Jesus is going to die. On the cross.”

Then it evolved into a discussion of the Passion and Easter, with as the absolute high point Girl ’s remark “And when he died they put him in a grave but he was too alive for the grave so he rose again.”

The Queen Mother has also died, ninety-four years old, so they wanted to know whether people who aren’t Jesus can become alive again too; I told them “they’ll become alive again in Heaven with God”, only to find out that Girl #1’s father had told her exactly that the day before.

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