Royal Hours and Typika of Good Friday

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Time: 1:50 Total: 4:30 Grand total: 8:25
Congregation: 5
Crew: Fr T outside the altar, 3 in the choir, all readers so we alternated (there are five discrete pieces, so Choirmistress and I got two each and Intermittent Bass one).

Last year Adrian commented on a Holy Week post in which I mentioned Christ saying on the Cross “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me”, saying, among other things, “in quoting a single line, Jesus was actually invoking the psalm in its entirety”. Because the First Hour fell to me I happened to read that psalm (Psalm 22) and yes, it fits perfectly! That made me read with more-than-usual attention. It didn’t change my opinion that this Holy Week is about inevitability and gritty, bleak cosmic drama.

All the women in the church were in black (some mostly in black, like the woman with a dark flowery skirt, but it was clearly intended as black). Both of the laymen were in jeans and a muted-colour sweater. I wore my new black dress and (not new) black headscarf; the mirror says I look more like someone’s Greek grandmother than like a nun, fortunately.

I swore a couple of years ago that I’m not, repeat NOT, going to do any Easter eggs any more, but the real Greek grandmother present (great-grandmother, in fact! though she’s only just in her sixties) had dyed thirty eggs gloriously red, I don’t know how she does it as mine were always at most darkish pink, but didn’t have gold paint. Fr T appealed to me, and I do still have gold paint from when I did the eggs so I took them upstairs and painted crosses and letters on them. After two boxes of XB I was sorely tempted to do the third box in Greek, XA, but I resisted.

Well, a Good Friday dress isn’t for real until it has candle-wax and gold paint on it. *checks for wax* No, not yet, but that will probably come at Vespers when I read the readings.

Also discovered that the hymn-while-venerating-the-Epitaphion, which I set painstakingly in the sixth tone (and was very proud of because it has some clever bits in it, like starting a thrice-repeated phrase at the beginning of the sixth-tone melody) in case we don’t have the singers to do the composed version, should be in the fifth tone. Ah well. We’re expecting enough singers who know the composed version anyway.

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