Royal Hours and Typika of Good Friday

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Time: 2:15  Total: 4:45  Grand total: 8:35

Crew: Altar: Fr T, not exactly in the altar, he only went there occasionally to fetch or return the censer. Choir: (well, let’s call it “readership” because there’s very little to sing) SAB

Once again (noticed already last night) this, John 18:28: “Then they led Jesus from Caiaphas to the Praetorium, and it was early morning. But they themselves did not go into the Praetorium, lest they should be defiled, but that they might eat the Passover.” I never realised before that the Praetorium wasn’t kosher for Passover…

Disconcerting that the photographer from the newspaper turned up halfway through and started taking pictures, though the journalist had said that the photographer would only take pictures of the cleaning.

I cleaned and rearranged the choir table (putting the books for baptism, marriage, and some obscure prayer services in the cupboard where the funeral book already lives; sorting all the rest and putting the binders upright so they’re in a neat row instead of an unmanageable pile). Then I emptied out the choir lectern: there are things that should be in the choir lectern, like matches, paper clips, a small notepad and pencil, and Choirmate’s spare reading glasses, but it was a mess, and now it isn’t! Cleaned it inside and out, threw away the bad things and put the good things back in. Didn’t volunteer for (a) the flowers or (b) cleaning the copper, because I’m useless with flowers and metal polish ruins my voice. Anyway, I badly need real downtime now. I took some papers home from the pile in the choir table, now sorted into “file this in the proper place” (done), “tear up and throw away” (done), “put back in the church” (waiting) and “needs to be worked on” (with the rest of the needs-work choir things).

I found the clip-on reading lamp we bought to read the Epistle in the dark, and it’s basically a good lamp but very hard to figure out how to turn it on and, more importantly, to turn it off! But I figured it out and the lamp is now charging so I can see if it’s useful under (my) new management. Otherwise, I’ll just take it back and use myself, I paid for it and I don’t think I ever declared it.


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