Royal Hours and Typika of Good Friday

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Time: 1:50
Total: 4:35 Grand total: 8:30
Congregation: about 2
Crew: Altar: Fr R and Fr T alternating the hours; Hypodiakon S (the other hypodiakon was there at the beginning but was overcome by incense fumes, it was only work for one man anyway) Choir: Choirmistress and I and Occasional Bass, who also alternated the hours, so Choirmistress who read the 1st and the 9th hour had a different priest each time.

I used not to care for this service at all, not active dislike but “meh, I promised to go”, but I’ve come to love it. Lots of Psalms we usually don’t have, like 68 and 108. A whole Passion Gospel each hour. Very skimpy Typika, basically only Beatitudes and the Creed and Psalm 33, and after all the woe we’ve had in the rest of the texts it really stands out that Psalm 33 is about joy and hope. (Note: the numbers don’t match because we do Greek numbering and the NKJV does Hebrew numbering, but the texts are the same.)

One year (not this year, but of course I remember it every time) I was so tired that I wondered at the end of the reading from Matthew who the father of Zebedee’s sons was.

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