Vespers and Liturgy of Holy Thursday

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Time: 1:50 Total: 3:50

Crew: Altar: Fr T and one acolyte. Choir: SSAA, the soprano with the huge range singing melody parts occasionally but I didn’t want to assign her the melody part of the Eucharistic Canon in order to sing alto myself, because we were following Fr T’s pitch and he was on the low side throughout the service.

Congregation: About a dozen? May have been more. We ended up with 8 people at coffee.

Not as smooth as yesterday but good enough; if this standard turns out to be the average of Holy Week I’ll be satisfied. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want the average to be better, so I can be pleased, or even jubilant!

I notice that I’m relaxing my shoulders more. Hope it spreads to my knees and ankles.

A reporter from a Christian daily paper came to the service and stayed for coffee (and cinnamon bread, fruit-and-nut bread, and a glass of wine) and we had a wonderful talk with her, sometimes veering into theological territory. (Will report here if it becomes readable online without a paywall.)

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