Vespers and Liturgy of Holy Thursday

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Time: 2:15
Total: 3:55
Congregation: 11. All the men with beards, except the 1-year-old boy; 4 women with headscarves including 1 in the choir (me).
Crew: Altar: Fr T, Fr R and the two hypodiakons.
Choir: 5 women and a bass again. Tonight we’ll be much reduced because Fr T, the bass, and 3 of the 5 women will be various elsewheres. But Choirmistress and I have done this together more times than I have fingers to count, and some of the difficult pieces are actually easier with only the two of us.

We can do the Holy Week responses now, even in Slavonic, without thinking. Found a discrepancy between a response in the book and the same one on the separate crib sheet (the one on the crib sheet is better and we’ll change it for next year).

The little boy was very cheerful and talkative, crawled at breakneck speed in a strange half-sitting style, and knew exactly what to expect when the doors closed and his mother picked him up and went to the front with him (those doors will OPEN! and then I’ll get COMMUNION!).

All the ordinary white cloths can go in the wash now, though we folded them and put them in the bag that goes under the choir table just in case we need something that’s not in the Easter set. The Christmas-tree stand is waiting for the processional cross to be put in it tonight. (Us, to Fr T: “Do you want the cross in the altar?” Fr T: “Which cross?” Me, carrying the cross because we’d been fitting the stand to it: “This cross.” Yes, he did. We have hidden the black cloth to drape over it in the choir table, because otherwise the cloth will get used for something else and nobody can find it, like last year.)


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