Vespers of Easter

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Time: 0:25 Total: 3:25 Grand total: 17:40
Congregation: about 30, including several people who hadn’t been able to come in the night and some stray people from the local running event
Crew: Altar: Fr T and both hypodiakons Choir: everybody, even one alto’s student daughter who sings soprano when she happens to be here

This is the “we don’t want to stop celebrating” service, but we did have to stop celebrating at the end, at least in this particular church. Fr T did mention the Easter service on Saturday in Kollumerpomp (note: the church on that page isn’t the Orthodox church! There are actually TWO churches in this tiny village!) in the middle of nowhere in Frisia. If I wasn’t going to be in Barcelona on Saturday I’d try to get a ride from someone (it’s very hard to reach in time by public transport, even on a non-Sunday) and go. And join in the singing if the local choirmistress wanted me to. (I don’t think they’ve got three people who can sing the “The Angel Cried” trio, for one thing; I can sing the second or the third part, and theoretically the first but it’s usually beyond my range)

My godson’s mother gave me a bunch of very pretty tulips, which I promised to put in the church when I go away on Thursday morning. The godson in question is now almost 16 and finally growing tall: she said that until recently he never stopped being a little shrimp, even after he was 2 1/2 and I took care of him one day a week when she was in school. I got him a library pass and read him picture books, and gave him the Roman Soldier’s Handbook for his ninth or tenth birthday.


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