Vespers of Easter

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Service: 9 of 9  Time: 0:30  Total: 4:00  Grand total: 17:22

Crew: Altar: Fr T and two acolytes (the young man who has now served All The Services, and my godson’s brother).  Choir: SSSSSAAT, so I asked Ukrainian Soprano to sing the alto part because she can, though it doesn’t really suit her voice.

Congregation: anything between 20 and 30, including Emerita Choirmistress’ son-in-law and small granddaughters (her daughter is away to Copenhagen for work).

Oops! Nothing to oops about!

For Future Me: Add Slavonic versions of the litanies. We can sing “Gospodi pomiluy” on demand but it’s so much better to be able to point at it.

We sang the Romanian Easter troparion at the end because Romanian Woman was there (and anyway it’s fun to sing), didn’t have any opportunity to sing the Greek one as well but I’m keeping the page with both Greek and Romanian on the music stand so we can sing them whenever we like.

I wanted to talk to so many people! But on the other hand I was completely done with people for a while so I fled upstairs where there was only my own familiar wife (and a nice snack and drink).

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