Vespers of Easter

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Time: 0:27
Total: 3:54 Grand total: 18:14
Congregation: about 40, lots of people who couldn’t come in the night for various reasons, also people who just wanted more.
Crew: Altar: Fr T, one hypodiakon, 22-year-old acolyte. No boys, sadly, and Fr R had gone to Rotterdam to have dinner with friends. Choir: everybody. We don’t even mind in this service when people sing along in the congregation, and some did, even eldest daughter’s new boyfriend (who is Protestant).

Easter goes on until Ascension Day but the services are done. This was the service of “don’t want to stop feasting yet”. Also put into practice what I’d been singing in the Easter stichera: Let us say, brethren, even to them that hate us: let us forgive all things on the Resurrection. Well, I’m not sure that particular people hate me, but there were several I don’t and never will get on with, and I greeted them all like I greeted my friends.


  1. Adrian Morgan

    In response to your Easter blog posts in general, I looked up online resources for the Protestant church I was raised in, just to see if there was anything worth sharing for comparison. But there isn’t, really.

    Partly because, as is typical in Protestant churches, liturgies are typically mere suggestions, and partly because, very much against my own better judgement, a lot of core resources are copyrighted. (I always felt strongly about that, and if I were in charge I would insist upon a church’s core resources being public domain, as getting its hands dirty with commercialism compromises its core values. But that’s the way it is.)

    I did find a few things, including the 3-year cycle of Bible readings, but on the whole there isn’t much.

    • Irina

      Yes, even the newest Dutch bible translation is copyrighted! They grant permission to use portions for making service books and things like that, but you do have to ask.

      I maintain an archive of Orthodox church music in Dutch at (all under CC-BY because we like people to know where it comes from so they can use it too), which is used by several parishes besides ours, and I’ve recently got my hands on much more music that I’ll be adding to it.


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