Vespers of Good Friday

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Time: 1:15 (Emerita Choirmistress and I tried to estimate how long it would take, and I said “about an hour for the Vespers and then twenty minutes for venerating the Epitaphion”, and she had about the same idea, and we were right)  Total: 6:00  Grand total: 9:50

Crew: Altar: Fr T and an acolyte. Good thing there was an acolyte because of all the censing.  Choir: SSSSA and for the latter half of the service B. I had to ask the soprano with the great range to sing the melody part again.

I printed out the sung Alleluia verses and immediately mislaid them (in the right binder, but on the wrong day) so I had to do it by heart, which made me flub the first one that I’ve always sung slightly different from how it’s written. Both are equally valid, but my brain didn’t want to choose one. If I’d had the notes in front of me, I could have sung the notes or sung the other version in defiance, but now I tried to do both at once.

Lesson learned: even if it says “Tone 2” on the page AND I announce a sticheron with “In the second tone, [verse]” there will still be people who continue singing the first tone. (It was disastrous enough that I had to stop and say “the second tone!” and restart.)


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