Vespers of Good Friday

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Time: 1:15
Total: 5:50 Grand total: 9:45
Congregation: 80? didn’t even think of counting
Crew: Altar: Fr T, Fr R, Hypodiakon S, 22-year-old acolyte (who used to come regularly when he was a boy but now lives elsewhere and only comes occasionally, usually around Easter), little 7-year-old acolyte. Choir: 5 sopranos (one inexperienced and just back from Russia, we’ll have to dissuade her from singing in the Easter night because she doesn’t know any of the pieces), 2 altos, Regular Bass.

I was a bit flustered because I gave two vases with flowers (but without water) to the woman handling the flowers, saying “you can put other flowers of the same color in, of course”; then she tried to bully me into a corner to put the vases down, obviously not seeing the other person standing there who I could not move past. Later I saw that she’d crammed all the flowers from the larger vase into the smaller one — if I’d wanted them in there I’d have done it myself, but I didn’t like the combination of orange and purple (the ones in the large vase were white and purple). I was already thinking “it’s Good Friday and I’m fit enough to do everything and haven’t had any conflicts, what the bleep?”

The large vase was still standing empty after the service so I took it back home. I think some people have been complaining about their flowers being combined with other people’s flowers, because Flower Woman consistently put only one person’s flowers in one vase.

I never remember that the Epitaphios isn’t carried out until the very end of the service; it’s strange to stand there reading in front of an empty table. (Well, with a cross behind it, of course, so in front of the cross.)

This morning I got up at 7 and emptied the dishwasher, ironed things to wear today and tomorrow, made prosphora dough and did dishes before church; after church I went to the Turkish butcher to get the leg of lamb I’d ordered, did some more shopping (and forgot to buy bananas), discovered that the marinade needed a carrot so threw myself into the Good Friday market to buy one (but forgot to buy bananas), bought flowers for the Epitaphios while I was in the market anyway, made prosphora from the dough, made the marinade, took the trash out, and then went to church and did all the readings. After the service I didn’t stay to eat Russian mushroom soup with the parish because I thought I wouldn’t be able to stand people, but ran upstairs and ate bread and olives and a minneola (because there were no bananas). And crashed.


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