Banoffee ice cream

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We bought a jar of dulce de leche in Madrid. After being torn for a couple of weeks between making it last as long as possible and wanting to do something outrageous with it, I saw two brown-spotted bananas in the fruit bowl that nobody except me would eat and got an idea.

125ml whipping cream
2 heaped tbsp dulce de leche
dash of sugar syrup (if necessary)
2 ripe bananas (over-ripe is okay)

Beat the cream with an electric beater until it starts to thicken. Beat in the dulce de leche and keep beating until it thickens noticeably. Liquidise the bananas separately and add them to the mixture. Taste; add some sugar syrup if it’s not sweet enough (it should be slightly sweeter than you expect your ice cream to be).

If you have an ice-cream machine it’s easy. Otherwise, put the mixture in the freezer in a roomy container with a lid, for instance an empty ice-cream tub. It should be no more than just over half full. Take it out every half-hour or so and stir it with a fork, scraping already frozen mixture from the sides and mixing it in. It’s done when everything is firm.

To make sugar syrup, boil sugar with an equal weight of water until it’s clear and no longer foams. This syrup will keep in a clean bottle in the fridge for months.


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