Spinach and cheese omelette

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Now that all the girls have moved to student lodgings, spinach is suddenly a possible vegetable again! It’s true that the last one to leave (Secunda) likes spinach, unlike her sisters, but this recipe is hard to make for more than two.

3-4 eggs depending on size
splash of milk
1 tbsp flour (to keep the omelette from breaking when folded)
salt, pepper, paprika
butter (and optionally oil) for frying

300g fresh spinach, washed and picked over
2-3 cloves garlic, crushed or cut up small
about 60g feta or similar white cheese (I used tinned sheep cheese from the Turkish supermarket)
oil for stir-frying

Beat the eggs with milk, flour and seasoning. Heat your largest frying pan (mine is 28cm) and make a thin omelette.

While the first side is cooking, fry the garlic in oil in a wok, add the spinach a handful at a time and let it wilt. Drain.

Turn the omelette (a large pan lid is a useful tool for that, otherwise use a plate; this isn’t going to turn cleanly with only a spatula) and put the spinach on one half. Crumble the cheese over it. Fold the empty half over the full half and serve immediately, with French bread on the side.

Serves two for dinner, possibly three for lunch.


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