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Last night, about 9:15:

Brain: sleeeeeep
Body: yes please
Me: okay, even though it’s ridiculously early

Spouse had gone to bed even earlier to accommodate his current round of Really Incapacitating Cold, but was just about to get up again when I got in. I said “well, then you’ll have to turn the lights back on”, fell asleep and had the usual kind of entertaining but somewhat forgettable dream (there was a cat in it, though. It was black.)

Unfortunately, I can’t really sleep any longer than about six and a half hours, except when I’m ill or much more tired than I was last night. So I duly woke up at 4:00, the worrying hour.

Brain: AWAKE! ::worries::
Me: One moment. (puts glasses on, gets ereader, reads the last chapter and a half of War in Heaven, tries to start a Star Trek book, specifically Spock’s World, notices that this ebook version has something wrong with the encoding so it’s completely without italics and apostrophes, deadly for a book with a lot of thinking in it that’s set mostly on Vulcan; starts Miss Pym Disposes instead)
Body: ::all done with lying in bed:: (I hope I’ll never get any illness that makes me seriously bedridden, because my body really doesn’t like being in bed when not sleeping*; when I have a bad cold I sit up feeling miserable rather than lying in bed feeling even more miserable)
Me: Okay!

* or doing other appropriate things, but not reading, and definitely not eating. Breakfast in bed has never appealed to me.

So I was up before five o’clock, wide awake, though I did some yawning around my usual getting-up time, between 6:30 and 7. Put the recycling out and noticed that the threat of frost hadn’t been idle; this usually means that one street I can’t avoid is scarily slippery, and some of the bike paths on the way to the swimming pool don’t get sanded, so I decided to forego swimming in the morning and take the bus to the Council of Churches meeting tonight. Cycling in the dark on treacherous roads is something for younger and fitter people than me.


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