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Clock radio: whisper whisper (I may need to adjust it). This, or my other half prodding me, sort of wakes me up. I turn the thing off after listening to 15 seconds of news that doesn’t make any sense to me because I don’t have context.

Brain: thinks vaguely of getting up and making prosphora because it’s obviously Sunday, then realises that can’t be the case because it was Sunday yesterday.

Body: drags self out of bed, picks up sweatpants and other stuff, dresses for swimming, brushes teeth, takes pills, goes downstairs with swimming bag.

But it’s Monday. Every time I go swimming on a Monday I end up wishing I hadn’t, because the pool is then full of people who swim only once a week and apparently want it over with right away, and on top of that Monday is Gossip Club day. (Most ladies in the Gossip Club swim on other days too, but on Monday they’re all there at the same time.) Also, I feel shivery and have dizzy spells, possibly because I picked up the Choir Cold which made Choirmistress miss half her notes yesterday (and really miss: no sound at all).

As I said, bleh. Tonight is roleplaying night and I don’t want to call that off. Hot bath indicated, I think.

ETA: Yes, that made me feel a lot better. Not 100% yet but at least functioning.


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