Hindsight 2020

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That pun is too obvious not to use. But (I think) unlike many people who have blog posts with that title I want to look back on the things that went right in a year that I’m otherwise glad to see gone.

I’ve now kept up the reading notes for an ENTIRE YEAR. It was an experiment at first, to see how long I’d persist, but it’s become a habit and I don’t intend to stop. Future me will be able to see that (a) I read a lot, and (b) Interesting Times made me reread more old favourites and read more fanfic, and steer clear of more challenging and confronting things. I did read some very good new and new-to-me books, though. Clocktaur War and more by T. Kingfisher/Ursula Vernon, The Glass Magician and the two books by Alice Degan were highlights.

Apropos of fanfic, I discovered that I could actually write it, and after one story on Archive Of Our Own and half a year of being stalled there was Yuletide and I wrote a whopping eight stories, four full-length, one shorter and three 100-word drabbles, for a total of about 5500 words. And got only positive comments on those, and not only from the recipients but also from random people who must have stumbled on them. The gift I got ended up in someone’s recommendation post, but none of the ones I wrote did.

Worldcon 2020 was all online so I could actually attend it! I’d never have been able to go to New Zealand for it: for one thing I don’t fly any more. I learned to filk and to use Discord with confidence, and as a nice spinoff we now have a once-a-month online Traveller campaign with players (all women, the GM is the only man) all over the world.

I taught myself MuseScore and wrote up lots of music for the church, even though we effectively didn’t have a choir. Choirmistress and I thought we’d need a whole “choirbook” with only a single melody part because services now have only a single singer, but it turned out that she and I were the only ones who wanted it and we both have the experience to use the four-part book just as easily, so that project sank before it sailed.

Not an accomplishment of mine but something that went right anyway: eldest daughter and her loved one bought a house, and she sent me a picture of the move with an engagement ring on her hand. They’re getting married next July, whether or not the Interesting Times are (sort of) over then, in their own garden among the goats and sheep and chickens. The goats came with the house, they acquired the sheep in December, and the chickens are expected this month.

The biggest thing that went right isn’t mine to disclose, but it makes me very happy. (No, I’m not about to become a grandmother. That I know of, at least.)


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