Baking parchment marketing fail

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Earlier, I wrote this, bewailing marketing people’s claims that they know what I like, and how they really really don’t.

It’s getting worse.

It’s now impossible, at least in a normal supermarket, to buy baking parchment on the roll. It’s all separate sheets. Okay, a roll of separate sheets, though there are also packages of folded sheets which I never bought anyway. I used to buy it at Traditionally Favourite Supermarket (no longer my real favourite after a couple of unfortunate we-know-better-than-our-customers decisions on their side) because that was the old-fashioned sturdy brown stuff that I could use at least twice and possibly more often if I didn’t want to bake something sticky or greasy. Other Supermarket, the current favourite, had only flimsy white baking parchment that could be used only once because it was already brittle after the first time.

I forgot to stock up on TFS’s brown baking parchment, which was unwise because they “improved” it so its brand was white and flimsy as well. I had one roll left, which I carefully only used for prosphora because prosphora deserve the best treatment they can get.

Then OS improved its baking parchment. The first time I wanted to cut off a baking-tray-sized piece and found myself holding a sheet about 10cm too long, I still thought it was a packing mistake, end of roll in factory, can happen. But it was all separate sheets. Worse, TFS had re-improved theirs, packing it in separate sheets too.

I thought “well, I’ll have to buy the expensive brand then”, because the separate sheets of either supermarket brand are so much larger than my baking tray that I waste about 30% of every sheet anyway, and can use it only once (another 50%-66% waste) so perhaps it would even have been more economical. But no! A jubilant ad for that brand in the supermarket magazine: “Now in pre-cut sheets! No more tearing to size!”

Grrrrr. I’d really prefer to make my own decisions, marketing people. Not all ovens are the same size. I have two; the larger is probably a bit narrower than standard, the smaller about half of standard (half a pre-cut sheet fits, though skimpily).

When I complained on Twitter (excellent medium for kneejerk reactions) several people suggested a silicone baking sheet, but I can’t touch silicone, it makes me shudder even to¬†think about it (1). Also, I might have to cut that to size, though only once of course, and I think most silicone baking sheets have a raised edge, a little anti-leak rim.

(1) And to write about it. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

As I said, grrrrr.

I could send mail to either or both supermarkets, but the last couple of times I’ve done that I either got a noncommittal “we try to please our customers” reply or none at all. And when I asked about butter, one of the two varieties was promptly discontinued, as if my mail made them realise that they’d overlooked something. Without telling me, of course, it just disappeared silently.

Belated afterthought: how long before this comes full circle and they’ll be saying “New! Now on a continuous roll! Cut to the size YOU want!”?

(Strangely, the roll I bought at OS today is a continuous roll again. Perhaps backstock. I checked whether the roll-of-sheets in the kitchen drawer was TFS or OS, and it’s definitely OS.)

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