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I love my purple leather gloves. It’s hard to find a pair of gloves that actually fit me– usually women’s L or XL fit fairly well across the hand but the fingers are too short, while men’s M are all right in the fingers but they’re much too wide for the palm. I found this pair (and their black predecessors, worn through in 3 years) in the HEMA department store, women’s XL, fitting like a proverbial glove except that there’s about 1cm of empty air beyond the tips of my thumbs. And they’re much too short.

left hand in purple leather glove

Mind the gap

This isn’t so much of a problem as it would be if we had a real winter, but it’s still uncomfortable, especially on the bike when my sleeves hike up more. Also, because we’re not having a real winter, I’m wearing my bat-sleeved cape instead of my winter coat with longer sleeves. On Christmas Eve, Tertia wanted me to give a second opinion on a blazer in a shop where I haven’t bought anything since my daughters outgrew the children’s department and got their own clothes allowance. And I found this:

glove with long knitted fingerles over-glove

Problem solved.

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