Reasons to take my business elsewhere

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You don’t list prices on your website, so I have to fill in a “please give me a quote” form, and you assume that gives you licence to spam me rather than just giving me a quote.

I fill in my name on your “please give me a quote” form and you spell it wrong in the reply. This makes me think you can’t be bothered to pay attention to customers in general. (This doesn’t go for businesses like central-heating repair and poulterers, but when I want to have something printed I strongly prefer basic literacy.)

I give you an email address on the form but not a phone number because I want email and not a phone call, and you google and find my other half’s private number and call him (while he’s working, and not on the thing I was asking a quote for).

I do give a phone number because it’s mandatory on your bleeping form, and write “please don’t call me, I prefer email” in the additional-information box, and you call me anyway. This makes me think you either haven’t read what I wrote, or you can’t be bothered to treat customers as they explicitly say they want to be treated.

I say I won’t be ordering before $DATE because reasons, and you keep mailing (and/or worse, calling) me well before $DATE. Even more so if I then ask “please don’t contact me before $DATE because I can’t order any earlier” and you do it anyway. Even more more so if I say “if you send me one more mail message I’ll assume you’re spamming and take my business elsewhere” and you send me SEVERAL more mail messages.

Your “please give me a quote” form asks for lots of non-essential information in mandatory fields. I’ll tell you my street address when I pay you to send stuff to it. Right now I just want you to send me email. Also, my position in the company is none of your business. If you think a secretary-on-voluntary-basis is too lowly to do business with, I’ll find a company with no such prejudice.

You are too eager. That makes me think you have no other customers and you’re desperate.

  1. Cheryl

    That sounds extreme. Good on you not giving up altogether, which I would be tempted to do.

    • Irina

      Oh, not all of those in one instance. But yes, all of those have happened to me at different times, and sometimes I have given up on that particular business.


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