So where did I put my fowling-piece?

by , under life, o tempora

Tourist season continues unabated. Today I was behind a small group of people of both sexes and various ages in what is arguably the most interesting shopping street in town, every single shop something unusual. One youngish man was commenting on the shops in ascathing tone, “a cookery bookshop? Yoga clothes? Another second-hand bookshop?” Apparently he thought himself far above those silly things. At the same time he was complaining that all those shops were closed. Duh, it’s Monday, shops in provincial towns tend to be closed on Mondays!

Some of the other people in the group were much more willing to praise the local merchants, though. I gathered from what they were saying that it was a family outing. People, why do you take your adult offspring to a place where they’re clearly not having fun? (Or perhaps this man takes pleasure in being sardonically dismissive of everything, in which case I’m glad he’s not my adult offspring.)

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