Summer time

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I found myself wide awake at what my bedside clock said was 5:42, wondering if it was “really” 4:42 or 6:42. By the time I’d figured out it was 4:42 I was in full awake-far-too-early worry mode so I had to get up because it was impossible to go back to sleep. I did try, and I’d have liked to have some more of the dream in which someone in the supermarket gave me a shopping basket with two paper bags in it and asked me to put things I’d definitely buy in the one and things I’d never buy in the other, as a sort of live-action survey.

It was dark outside and foggy. I caught up with all my Mastodon accounts — three now, they proliferate, while all I wanted was to have a Twitter alternative but I seem to be staying on Twitter too and gaining new friends there. My body said “Tea! I want TEA!”, even with the imagined taste, spreading warmth, and early morning pick-me-up effect that tea would have brought, but I didn’t have enough agency to actually get up and make it. If someone had offered to make me a cup of tea right then I might have asked them to marry me — except that the person most likely to do that is the one I’m married to already, and he was in bed and fast asleep, lucky man.

By 7 (on the clock) executive function had returned, and I used it to put the recycling out and squeeze oranges and, yes, make a cup of tea. Not quite as nice as the imagined one, because I drank the orange juice first and the tea had cooled to the warmish side of tepid when I got round to it, but nice enough.

I’d set out to write an “abolish summer time!” screed but once I’d written the paragraphs above and read up on what Wikipedia has to say about it the urge had gone. But yes, abolishing summer time would be a very good thing. (Not have summer time all year round, like Turkey does and Russia did until 2014, because that would make spring and autumn mornings darker.) Long summer evenings don’t make up for several days of discomfort twice a year.

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