That music meme from all over

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Got it from oursin. Mine are all folk or folk-adjacent. I recommend every one of these (and I’ve linked to my favourite versions if I could find them).

A Place: Sandy Denny – Lowlands of Holland. Anything Sandy Denny sings gets coated in squee.
A Food: Kirsty McColl – Chip Shop
A Drink: The Dubliners – Whiskey in the Jar
An Animal: Young Tradition – Daddy Fox. You can so sing Tolkien’s Troll Sat Alone to it (I did this, at a virtual-Worldcon filk circle; here’s sheet music of my version)
A Number: Linda McRae – Four and Twenty Blackbirds (I’ve cut the full minute of banter the video starts with)
A Colour:  Fairport Convention – Bonny Black Hare
A Boy’s Name: Steeleye Span – My Johnny Was A Shoemaker
A Girl’s Name: Shira Kammen – Faithless Nancy Dawson (Er, a “maid”.) Longest version I’ve ever heard with Lots of Extra Verses. And only in the last verse does she turn out faithless.
A Profession: Planxty – The Blacksmith. Actually imprinted on the Steeleye Span version but I didn’t want to have the same artist in the list twice.
A Vehicle: Y Mellt – Siarabang. It’s the thing in the picture.

I don’t tag people but if you do it please tell me because I want to see yours!


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